Inbound Marketing

Quick explanation; inbound marketing is a fairly new marketing technique that focuses on creating and distributing high quality digital content which is in line with the interest of your target customer. The objective is to attract people to engage with the content and then be drawn toward your brand or product. Inbound marketing is the opposite of the old marketing techniques which entail booking ads, direct email marketing and cold calling etc.

We have the perfect in house team of digital marketing professionals who are seasoned experts at developing SEO strategies to promote adult websites and have the skills plus expertise to combine analytical thinking with creative execution.

Our in house team create highly informative factual content as well as sexually explicit or erotic fictional articles; all of which are carefully distributed and published on high authority websites with a Google friendly link back to our client’s website. By creating unique never before published content it is not hard for us to reach out to large influential media outlets and convince them to promote content created on behalf of your adult website.

The infographic below “Can Legally Regulated Prostitution Reduce Sex Crimes?” was researched, designed and utilised in an inbound marketing campaign on behalf of our client Babes Of London. By strategically publishing this informative and very objective infographic on influential media outlets we successfully captured a large audience of potential customers who read the content and then visited the Babes of London website. The campaign also earned many natural organic links leading back to the clients website which gave a positive boost to their Google ranking.