Social Media

Social media marketing is an integral component in every SEO campaign. We use social networks to increase the level of customer engagement with our clients service/product which, yields more brand awareness, an increase in visitors to the website and more sales conversions from new and existing customers.

Unfortunately not all of the most popular social networks are friendly towards adult content providers or escorts agency websites however, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram (at the time of going to press) still allow escorts and the adult industry to use their platforms. To reduce the risk of the clients account on the network being suspended we take a cautious approach towards the type and nature of the content that we publish.

The Social Media Marketing Process

Develop a strategy that will best serve the objects of marketing campaign.

Register accounts on social networks on behalf of the client.

Competitive Analysis
Identify the competition. Compile a list of their followers and who they follow. Analyse the social authority and activity of each follower and followed account.

Acquire followers with positive social authority; quality not quantity is the key. A social account with thousands of followers with low social authority is worthless and will not add value to our clients brand.

Content Creation and Publishing
Every day (Mon-Fri) create and publish interesting content on all platforms that will engage followers and potentially convert some followers into new customers.

Progress Monitoring
Configure traffic acquisition and trend analysis software this, enables us to monitor and analyse the performance of the campaign.