Google Penalty Recovery Tool

If your website has suffered a dramatic fall from grace in the search engines the most probable cause is that your domain has received a Google penalty for being involved in an artificial link building scheme i.e. buying links. But there is a way back; Google has a “Disavow” tool which allows escort websites to clean up their bad backlinks and begin the journey to regaining a good ranking position in the search results.

Many business owners who paid an SEO firm to handle their link building did not realise that they were acquiring links from link farms and many other dubious sources. However the problem is that many of the links were purchased through second, third and fourth party middle men located all over the world making it virtually impossible to remove all of the poisonous links that are pointing to their website and dragging it down in the rankings!

That’s, why the Disavow tool allows the penalised website to tell Google which links pointing towards their domain should be ignored and should have no contributory influence when Google calculates the websites ranking position in the search results.

Using the Disavow tool is quite straight forward provided that the person doing the work has an advanced knowledge of SEO. First determine which links are the ones that got the website into trouble in the first place these, are the links to disavow. Be very careful not to disavow the wrong links because this will also have a detrimental effect on the websites position the SERPs.

At Speedy Host UK we provide a Disavow links service, customers pay a one off fixed fee and we take care of all the work for you allowing you to have peace of mind knowing that your paid links penalty is being fixed by SEO professionals who know what they’re doing.