Link Building for Adult and Escorts Agency Websites

There are two types of link building strategy a website can implement;

Good Link Building
Takes a long time to achieve results and requires the skills of a SEO practitioner who is experienced in adult PR. This strategy is good for the sustainable growth of the business and will have a big contribution towards making the website achieve a top Google ranking for high value keywords within the sites target adult niche.

Bad Link Building
Its very quick to implement and does not need an experienced SEO team to carry out the work. The outcome of the operation will give the website a quick boost in it’s Google ranking but the downside is that the new ranking positions will be temporary and the website will drop back to its previous position after 3-5 weeks. Or even worse if the team doing the work has been reckless the website could become subject to a manual action i.e. Google penalty which will result in the website disappearing from Googles search results for a very long time.

How To Do Good Link building
Link builders who are experienced in working on adult websites and escorts agency projects will first spend a considerable amount of time analysing:
Impact of existing backlinks to the clients website
Aggregate domain and page authority of backlinks
Unique C class IP spread of incoming links
Current backlinks anchor text word cloud
Define the contextual direction of future links anchor text and distributable content
Outline outreach niche parameters
Assign IP blacklist
Identify potential link sources
Create outreach approach strategies
Content creation
Design and implement campaign monitoring mechanisms

Only when these tasks have been completed can the link building campaign begin which will entail the PR team reaching out to potential backlink targets.