Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC)

If you have an adult website that does not provide escort services then you can advertise your business at the top or bottom of the page in Googles search results. Every time potential customers submit a search on Google using keywords which are relevant to your business your PPC ad will display in a prominent position on the page.

On your behalf we can create and run a PPC campaign on Google and Bing leaving you free to get on with running your business.

Unfortunately, the majority of popular social media platforms do not allow ads that promote sexual pleasure. However, the quantity of new customers that will visit a website from a PPC campaign run on Google or Bing is huge.

What makes an adult PPC campaign successful?

Prior to a new campaign going live an exhaustive amount of time is spent undertaking keyword research. Our PPC technicians identify the keywords that will bring the highest volume of traffic to your website weighted against the keywords bid cost per click (CPC) & click through rate (CTR) these values are then used in an equation to compute the return on investment (ROI) of the PPC campaign. The objective being to achieve the highest ROI for every clients budget.

Ad blocks
Formulating and building the actual ad text that the consumers will see when the ad is displayed in the search engine requires the inclusion of a PPC marketer who is experienced in consumer behavioural science. This is because ten people can read the same line of text and each person will formulate a different interpretation of what they have read. Behavioural science enables an adult PPC marketing team to create the right ads for each target demographic consumer group.

Landing page
If a client does not already have a landing page assigned for a specific campaign, we will work with them to either identify an existing web page on there website that can be utilised or liaise with there chosen designer to create and launch a new landing page.

Continuous campaign monitoring and tweaking
Search behaviour of the target customers and market dynamics are constantly changing; a campaign strategy designed and launched today can become non effective and obsolete one week later. To combat this and to ensure that our clients always receive a value for money PPC campaign management service every day we monitor the clients website analytics and inside the ads dashboard the target customer inputted query phrases that triggered the ads to display. By analysing this data we are able to tweak the campaign components on the fly.

Remarketing to visitors returning to your website can produce great results and conversions. When required our team will set up the coding to activate the remarketing cookies and analytics channels so conversions from remarketing can be identified and drivers that led to the conversions understood and expanded on.

Overall for owners of adult websites, assigning a monthly budget to run a PPC campaign is a no brainer if you need advertisements to be displayed immediately in a prominent position on Google or Bing and seen by hundreds of thousands of potential customers every day.

For more information about our pay per click services for adult websites please contact us.