For some strange reasons an escort website has to shout much louder (do more SEO) to get noticed among its competitors by Google. In my experience many online businesses that trade in main stream non adult sectors do not require anywhere near as much off and on site SEO work to get the domain to increase its position in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

The SERPs for adult niches where paid ads i.e. Adwords are forbidden are very much similar to the wild west before it was tamed by law men like Wyatt Earp. SEO experts working on escort websites have to adopt a strategy that implements 2-3 times more amplification on each piece of distributed content than they would deploy for a non adult domain.

Increased amplified signals within link building strategies are also paramount when managing an escort SEO campaign. Normally a tier 1 link would only require tier 2 and tier 3 links to drive the link juice to the money site however, there are occasions in this adult niche when SEO’s sometimes have to deploy tier 4 and tier 5 links to achieve the same SERP’s gain.

Being anally white hat and just posting great content will get a site nowhere when doing battle in the escort SERPs especially if the website is competing for keywords associated with London. OMG the competition for this keyword is brutal, I’ve lost count of how many SEO experts I’ve seen quit taking on escort agency marketing jobs after getting one too many a bloody nose while competing for London keywords.

Not for one minute am I advocating implementing a black hat escort SEO strategy but I am encouraging anybody who wants to achieve success in Google’s adult niche to think outside of the box and be creative with their deployment and application.