The escorting business is no different than any other service sector industry and brand reputation is of the up most importance. When a potential customer visits an agency’s site the model he/she views online and makes a booking to see must be the same person he meets at the appointment!

As with any company in the service sector industry, repeat business will on average make up 20-35% of the revenue generated by the business. Without repeat business most agencies will not fear very well.

On a few occasions when we have provided an SEO service for a new client within a couple of months we could clearly see that the level of targeted traffic to there website had increased exponentially and subsequently the quantity of bookings had increased ten fold. But following consultation with the client we discovered that the level of repeat business was nonexistent. When we checked sites reviews that had been posted in Google and the main escort directories we found a disproportionate quantity of dissatisfied customers where posting negative reviews. The main reason for the negative reviews was that the person in the photograph on the website was not the person who arrived for the booking!

As a rule of thumb it’s very important that agency owners never forget that they are in the service sector industry and infringement of the UK statutory trade descriptions act may not put them before a judge in a civil court however, it will eventually have a negative affect on the profit and loss of their business.