It’s Friday the 13th of December and thank God finally that dreadful period of political mayhem is over, now we are stuck with Mr Johnson for another five years of Boris’s antics. But let’s look at the positives hopefully now as the country and economy begin to settle down punters can get back to spending their spare cash on having pleasure time with escort girls!

Virtually every London escorts agency I’ve spoken to have been presiding over a decrease in bookings every week since the date for the 2019 general election was announced and this is also having a knock on effect on the lively hoods of many escorts who are not receiving the same quantity of daily jobs from the agencies that they need to stay on top of their living expenditure.

Looking at the situation from an SEO perspective analysing many escorts agency websites we can see a steady stream of quality traffic hitting their sites but there is a clear increase in window shopping. Lots of visitors enjoying what they see but are not committing to buy. We tracked the movement of a sample percentage of visitors who spent more than two minutes browsing an escorts agency website and without a doubt the amount of time visitors spend viewing different web pages on the site has increased while the percentage who leave without making a telephone enquiry has definitely gone up during the 2019 general election.

Baffled we asked ourselves what is driving this change in the behaviour of punters, what can it be that triggers a herd effect of this kind; and that is what made us examine what major event is continuously occurring in the country that affects every bodies life. We concluded that there was only one thing with enough power to have an influence on the purchasing sentiment of such a large number of men from a wide range of cultural and socio-economic background and that event was the 2019 general election!

Today is a new dawn and right now, we are all sitting with our fingers crossed that the end of the general election and a conclusion to the remain or leave argument concerning Brexit will signal the end of the window shopping behaviour by punters and a return to a period of lots of bookings for the agency escorts.