Being the SEO team behind some of the busiest London escorts agency websites gives us access to the reviews that are submitted by punters about the girls. Most of the escorts get great feedback but there are always the odd one or two that are quite disappointing reviews. So to help you provide the best service to your clients we have put together a short list of the things that we have observed punters complain about the most.

  1. Arriving on time at the postcode address for an incall appointment, then telephoning the escort to tell her that he has arrived only to be told to wait for her to call him back in 5 minutes which actually turns out to be a 15-20 minute wait until she calls and gives him the door number of her apartment.
  2. Escorts who check their phone and respond to text messages from other clients immediately after the client she is with has finished ejaculation.
  3. Girls who have photoshopped images in their websites but do not include at least one image that has not been photoshopped which allows the client to see what they really look like.
  4. Meeting the escort for the first time in the hallway of her flat and she smells of sex and condoms. Poor hygiene is a big turn off for many punters.
  5. Escorts who write in their profile that they work from a luxury apartment but really they are operating from a small room in an old run down multiple occupancy house with a shared bathroom.
  6. Girls who do not have condoms to fit clients who’s penis is bigger than 6 inches (15.24cm).
  7. Ladies in a hurry; they rush the punter into penetrating them when his penis is only semi erect.
  8. Some escorts websites advertise extra services like CIM, OWO, A level etc but when the punter arrives the girl will say that she does do not provide those services.
  9. Suspicious towels; there is nothing worse for a client than being handed a bath towel and the feel or smell of the towel makes him suspicious that the towel has already been used by a previous client and then given to him without first being washed.