How to get your escort website included in Google maps local listings

In todays over competitive escort scene having your adult website listed in Google maps i.e. local search for your business location is a must.

If you already have an escort SEO firm marketing your business online then, no doubt they have already submitted your website to Google local search (Google maps) the, whole submission process takes about 20 minutes and most good escort marketing companies wont bother charge you extra for this simple task.

However if you haven’t outsourced your escort marketing to an adult SEO firm then its time for you to role up your sleeves and get your website listed in Google maps.

Google maps submission instructions
Ok if you’ve submitted your business to escort directories in the past then, you should find the process of submitting to Google maps as easy as counting from one to three. Just follow the instructions below:

1) Go to
2) When you arrive on the web page look in the top right corner, click the link that says “List your business in Google Places”.
3) To get started you have to sign into Google if you don’t already have a Google account click the link “Sign up now” this will allow you to sign up for a free Google account.
4) Once signed in follow the step by step on screen instructions.
5) Make sure you choose the correct keywords that describe your business because this will decide what keyword search Google will display your escort site for.
6) It’s a good idea to include a couple location and service type keywords in your business title example; “Mandys London Escort Agency” or “Mandy Independent Birmingham Escort”

After you’ve completed the submission process it will take anything from 2-6 weeks for you escort website to start displaying in the local search listings for your town/city that are displayed beside the Google map.

How to improve your ranking in Google local search
Ensure that you follow the above instructions number (5) and (6) then, apart from that it’s pretty simple really just keep adding quality content and links to your website and make sure you stick to Google’s rules. Don’t get involved in any black hat “cheating” SEO techniques that will move your escort website at super sonic speed to the top of Google maps because as sure as night follows day eventually the techies at Google will discover that you’ve been cheating and your escort website will get banned from the Google index.