The latest financial data for June 2017 provided by Visa Consumer Spending Index report has bad news for all UK businesses including escort websites. Recreation spending is down 1.2% this is the statistical category that covers services provided by escorts agency businesses, combined with a 3.4% drop in spending on household goods as prices in the shops rise at a faster pace than wages.

Official figures are showing an economy that is slowing down unfortunately, this is not the kind of news that many escort website owners want to hear at this moment in time. Based on this data the industry could experience a further decrease in the number of punters (clients) seeking the services of an escort agency. Another factor where the industry could be vulnerable in a slowing down economy will be a continuing shrinking in the number of new (first time) punter taking their first steps into process of booking escorts as part of his weekly/monthly expense.

What can escort websites do to combat a slowing down economy

Quality of Service
Take extra steps to improve the quality of service that you provide. Make sure that the escort who arrives at the booking is the same girl the punter saw in the photo when he made the booking.

Drop escorts with bad reviews
If you are seeing a disproportionate amount of negative reviews for one escort the chance are that she is bad at her job. Get rid of her quickly; don’t take any chance keeping her on because it will reflect badly on your brand reputation among punters.

Don’t Advertise on directories with poor traffic
Never believe the claims by directories that have 1000’s of punters visiting there website every day. If you have an SEO consultant who provides you with escort agency marketing tell them to evaluate every directory you have paid ads on. Find out exactly how much traffic they have, if its not a specialist niche directory and it gets less than 40,000 unique visitors per month don’t bother wasting money advertising on their website.

Overall tighten your belt, reduce all unnecessary expenses and prepare to weather the storm.