Do we really know what’s going on in the mind of the person who searches online to hire an escort “most adult industry SEO’s think they know what keywords customers use” but, are they just guessing?

Unfortunately due to the utmost discretion required in the relationship between the agency and the client when, a booking is taken over the phone it’s generally not advisable to quiz the caller as to what keywords he used in his Google search to find the agency. Such questions could lead to the caller becoming nervous and hanging up the phone.

Go back a couple years and we could rely on the websites analytics account but not now because a significant percentage of organic traffic will not show the actual keywords used by the visitor instead Google will hide this valuable data behind the “keyword not provided” rule which, is a major headache.

In view of this whole dynamic of a lack of real hard data for the escorts market when, creating an SEO strategy more thinking outside of the box is required.

Regional vernacular
Analyse the dominant dialects of the typical customers if, they generally inherit the accent of the region where the agency is based then examine how sentences are constructed using that dialect. Remember nobody writes a search query in perfect English.

Location keywords
Don’t get fooled into only focusing on location keywords i.e. “your city/town name + escorts” the, reality is that the majority of searches made by customers do not contain a location in the search query. This is because customers have realised that Google’s technology recognises the current geographical location of the person making the search and then returns results that are relevant to that location. Example if a customer in London makes a search for an escort with a specific type of physique Google will not return results for ladies with the specified physique who work in Manchester, all of the websites listed in the search results will be of women in London.

Order of words
The order in which people type keywords into a search query more times than none will differ from how they would construct the same combination of words if they spoke them out aloud. Example a searcher looking for escorts who are available 24 hours a day in London would probably enter the query “escorts London 24 hours” instead of “London escorts available 24 hours”, to rank for this keyword phrase the SEO only needs to optimise for the keywords “escorts 24 hours” because Google will identify that the searcher is in London therefore it will only deliver result for escorts in London who provide a 24 hour service.

These are just a few methods that can be used to identify which keywords customers are using. The whole practice as with most SEO techniques is not an exact science the, trick is to always think outside of the box.