Bad copywriting, spam link building, terrible on page optimisation and a nonexistent customer care policy. These are just a few of the reported problems that have been be encountered by customers who have been unlucky when choosing an SEO service.

Generally the SEO firm had good intentions when they started the contract however, somewhere along the line something went wrong and there was a break down in communications between the customer and the service provider. Nine times out of ten the root cause of the problem will be that the firm in their eagerness to be awarded the contract agreed to provide the SEO package at a price which was too low.

Under cutting on price to beat the competition and not accounting for enough contingency funds to service fluctuations in operational costs is a common catalyst of many deals which turn sour for both the client and company, unfortunately this situation is becoming more common for many escort agencies.

Drivers Affecting Price
Google updates over the past couple years have set a new precedence which affects how an SEO firm carries out its work. In a nutshell the updates have removed many of the operational short cuts which enabled a website to climb up the search rankings faster while sailing very close to the edge of falling foul of Googles SEO guidelines. These changes mean that marketing agencies now have to incur more specialist labour costs to achieve the same results.