It was a long time coming but always expected, finally last week Google announced that it will be indexing the mobile version of a website first and not the desktop version as it has done in the past. In a nutshell this means that when Google decides the ranking position of an escorts website in the search results as a priority it will evaluate the content on the sites mobile web pages first.

Great news for escorts SEO consultants who have been consistent in encouraging their clients to be proactive in ensuring that their website has a mobile friendly version which is content rich but seriously bad news for SEO’s who have neglected to establish a semi symmetrical mobile portal for their clients escort business.

Google’s sending out a call to action message and its backing it up 100% with its own actions, the big G is serious about mobile and it clearly see’s mobile search as the future. What Google is saying is desktop search is not dead but mobile is the direction the market is heading in or shall we say the direction big G is gently prodding and steering the market into, hey did somebody mention “Pixel phone” excuse me!

For all the escorts with websites who are doing their own SEO and for those who outsource the adult promotion work to a digital marketing agency; priority 1# make sure that the mobile version of the website is not just packed with pretty pictures, ensure that the mobile site contain a significant portion of the same text content that is on the desktop site. Content quality and density is a significant factor that will be reflected in Google’s search rankings.