Page rank no longer has an influence on a websites Google ranking, to prove my point just do a few different searches for a specific race or type of escort in a specific city location then, analyse the listings of different sites in the search results pages one, two and three.

What you will see is a mixed combination within the ranking order; some escort websites that have a page rank one, zero or n/a will be ranked higher than sites with a rank of two, three or four.

This is because Google has evolved into a much more intelligent search tool than, what it was ten years ago when page rank was one of the main contributory factors that decided how high a site would be ranked in the SERP’s.

Now the big G decides a sites ranking by evaluating many components including the quality and relevance of the on page content in relation to the search query, quality of the websites that are linking to the site and the sites domain authority.

Best practice
Don’t worry about your page rank its old news; just concentrate on developing interesting original content and earning genuine links. Eventually Google will see that your site is worthy to be awarded a higher ranking position for keywords that are relevant to your location and offered services.

Page rank and escort directories
If you are promoting an escort agency don’t be fooled by page rank when booking premium ads with directories. Remember if the directory has a high page rank this, does not necessarily mean it will be listed on page one of the search results for the keywords that are most important to the agency’s marketing strategy.