Running an escort business requires a lot of continuous marketing & promotion, as soon as you cut back on the budget there is a high probability that client bookings will start to decrease.

Most successful escort agencies have fully embraced the power of the internet as one of their main advertising media however; there is a tendency amongst some businesses to decrease the money that they spend on promoting their business during seasonally quiet periods.

This practice of trimming the marketing budget during the quiet season is not necessarily detrimental to the overall effectiveness of their online strategy provided that, the money they have saved is redeployed and used on upgrading the online shop window i.e. the company website or other elements within the business organisation. Owners should always remember that they are running a real business that is competing in a competitive market which is continuously evolving.

Prerequisites for an effective marketing strategy
The items listed below are the basic things an agency should do to maintain a continuous flow of new business.
1. Every month publish classified ads in at least three popular local newspapers or magazines.
2. Employ a competent SEO company who can promote the website in Google.
3. It is imperative that a “small” agency spends at least £700 every month on premium advertisements in the popular escort directories that have a good ranking in Google.
4. Be active on social media, it’s free and filled with potential new customers.

There are many more things that can be done to develop a powerful marketing strategy for an escort business however the items listed above are the most basic processes which should be implemented.