Many owners of agency websites which continuously fail to achieve a high Google ranking are not always aware the cause of their problems is poor design of the sites content management system (CMS).

Below is a list of the most common design problems that will prevent a website from making it to page one in Google for its target keywords.

Duplicate meta tags
This means that the CMS is using the same meta tag content for all (or most) of the web pages within the website. Such a design flaw within a content management system can cause search engines not to index a high percentage of the websites pages because it thinks the web pages are duplicates.

Remember when the Google bot crawls your website the first thing it reads on each web page is the meta tags therefore, it is advisable that each individual web page has unique meta content this, informs the bots that each web page has original content.

Deleted web pages not removed from database
When a web page is deleted from inside the admin control panel the content management system removes the page from the public interface (front end of the site) and the admin control panel. However the CMS software does not delete the web page from the database that stores the sites records therefore, unbeknown to the site owner the web page is still accessible on the internet.

Problems occur if the site owner creates a new web page using the same content that was used in the deleted web page. In this instance a duplicate content issue has been created which will incur a Google penalty and lower the sites ranking position.

No automatic 301 redirect for deactivated profiles
Many agencies lose a lot of traffic and potential sales conversions due to this simple error in there website.

If an escort is no longer available the agency will deactivate her profile. However because Google has already indexed the site a description and link to the escorts profile will still show up in search results. If a potential customer visits her profile via Google he will arrive at a 404 error page. Nine times out of ten the visitor will wrongly think that the agency’s site is offline and click his back button to return to Google.

Websites which advertise multiple escorts should always install software that automatically redirects inward traffic to deactivated profiles to the sites home page or a specific landing page that has been assigned to receive the traffic.