Using only SEO to establish market position for a new brand is no longer an effective strategy. This is self evident when we analyse the results of historical and current adult marketing campaigns. Now the best practice is to first grow the brand on multiple channels and then bring the SEO element into the marketing mix at a later date to improve and consolidate the brands SERP’s position i.e. it’s Google ranking.

To a degree the new direction taken by the main search engines with regard to how they interpret positive signals has not only changed the “how to” of internet marketing but also the economies of the industry. SERP’s results that are driven by the level and quality of consumer engagement with the brand means that many of the traditional marketing disciplines not previously associated with internet marketing are now heavily involved with the brands online campaign.

For adult and escorts websites faced with the fact that SEO on its own is no longer enough to gain valuable traffic which can be monetised inevitably leads to the reality that an increased budget will be required for their marketing campaign. For any business higher costs of sales is not good news, unfortunately there is no work around unless the website employs a black hat approach and takes the risks of getting their domain penalised “banned” by Google for the sake of being on page one in the search results for a short period of time.

Multi channel brand marketing
Unlike main stream brands adult and especially escorts businesses are severely restricted by the limited number of platforms that will accept NSFW content therefore the marketers running the campaign have to be extra creative when planning the outreach strategy while not forgetting that the objective of the operation is to yield brand engagement and not link equity.

When we think of how we can encourage consumers to engage with the brand obviously the first thing that comes to mind is social networks and yes these platforms are great for generating an interest in a product or service but, don’t rule out offline marketing channels. When a potential prospect is mentally stimulated by a brand offline and that person takes the decisive decision to go online and visit the brands website this traffic activity is recorded by Google as a positive signal. The intrinsic value of the traffic is greatly increased if the visitor is logged into his/her Google account at the same time and the account has a large search foot print for content within the brands niche.

In a nutshell, SEO was once the key to brand popularity but now in 2015 there has been a 360 degree turnaround. A brand that is sending out the right signals opens the door for SEO to come in and work its magic.