With this article I’m going to explore some of the marketing and SEO techniques that I believe escort website owners will benefit from and some practices which are waste of time and money.

1. Social signals from human accounts
Acquiring likes, mentions, followers and retweets on social networks is a great platform for getting traffic directly to your website but, on its own social communities will not help your websites Google ranking but it does play a small part which is significant enough to take seriously. The big mistake that many escort agencies make is to accumulate thousands of followers and interactions with accounts which are managed by software robots. We call these accounts “bots” and if you know what to look for they leave an obvious footprint (i.e. unnatural amount of retweets) which enables their true identity to be exposed likewise Google’s algorithm can also identify fake social media accounts and it will disregard any input from these accounts when evaluating where an escort website should rank in the search results.

2. Escort directories
If the directory has a Google page one ranking for the most important keywords which are relevant to your website (i.e. London escorts, escorts in London etc) then yes you should consider advertising with them. However if the directory does not have a page one ranking for important keywords don’t waste your time and money dealing with them.

3. Link building
It’s one of the most important elements of an SEO campaign and one of easiest to get wrong. Good link building will push an escorts website to the first page of Google very quickly provided that there is clear diversity amongst the ip’s of each link. If you get this wrong expect your website to be penalised by Google.

4. Tart Cards
Back in the day before we had the internet escorts relied on putting business cards “tart cards” in public phone boxes now I’m not suggesting you start doing that again however, getting the permission to leave a few tastefully designed tart cards on the counter in male toilets of upmarket bars and restaurants will always earn a few extra bookings.

5. Inbound marketing
Using this marketing strategy for an escort agency websites will add diversity to the marketing mix reasonable traffic boost.

Commission a well published writer who has previously published articles in the adult niche on highly respectable online platforms like The Guardian, Huffington Post, Vice etc. Make sure that the writer has a large following on social media. Negotiate a price for the writer to create an article with a link back to your website, publish it through his own account on a respectable online platform plus post links to the article in his social network accounts.