If your escorts website has SEO features which allow admin to manually create the URL (web page address) of new escorts profiles then, using capital letters in the URL could be harming your websites ranking and loosing you traffic from potential clients.

This is because URLs are case sensitive this means that the web page containing the URL cannot be accessed using both lower case and uppercase text in the web browser, example:

The escorts agency has just posted the profile of a new girl the, URL contains uppercase letters.
Here is the “fictional” link to her profile:
“yourdomain.com/Busty_ Blonde _Mandy.htm”
Clients can copy paste the above URL into his browser and they will be redirected to then new girls profile page.

However if the client manually writes the URL into his browser but does not use uppercase letters like this “yourdomain.com/busty_ blonde _mandy.htm”
Then he will not be redirected to the new girls profile page instead the website will display a 404 error page advising him that the page he is trying to access has been moved or does not exist. This problem occurring can be frustrating for the client and may cause him to leave your escorts website before trying to find the girl he is interested in.

a) Don’t use uppercase text when creating new URLs for escorts profile pages.
b) Ask your SEO guys to install a 301 script that captures the traffic using the wrong address and seamlessly redirects the visitor to the correct URL.