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Located in London we are search engine optimisation technicians who specialise in adult SEO, PPC and content creation & distribution. We are the online marketing team for many busy adult websites and established escorts agency firms in London.

Our expertise stretches further than just escorts websites; we provide adult SEO campaigns for clients who’s business is phone sex, adult webcam, sex toys and porn websites with over ten years’ experience in the online adult market sector we are well placed to deliver our expertise to new and established adult businesses and escorts agency websites that are serious about their ranking position in Google and the sustainable growth of their business.

Google Ranking  – Getting a website to rank on page one in Google for the most popular keywords takes time, patients and enough money to pay for the journey to the top. Unfortunately the internet is no longer a free platform; we are in the age of the explosion of digital marketing and if an escorts agency, web cam girls or adult dating website wants to make money it’s very hard to do it without a quality SEO service to help promote the business.

There are quite a few firms with the label SEO consultant London, is full of them and many charge very little and promise extraordinary results. These companies give their customers worthless guarantees that they can get a website to #1 in Google within three months. Of course this is total nonsense, it takes 6-15 months for an adult dating or escort website which has no previous Google penalties to start to appear on page one for popular keywords. But remember that there is a difference between popping up on page one on random occasions and consolidating a full time position on page one.

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Affordable SEO Agency

The majority of the clients who come to us arrive because they want affordable SEO services for their adult dating or escort websites. Our clients expect good results that convert into increased sales and bookings. They come to us because they have no time for inexperienced companies who will waste their time. Business people who use our services are only willing to except the best SEO expert London can give them for their money.

If you are a new adult dating site who needs to establish your online brand or an agency looking for a dynamic escort SEO team to give your business the boost it needs, give us a call and let us help you achieve your goals.

A Cut Throat Industry

In the UK adult video streaming, web cam girls, sex toys, adult dating and escort services are industries in an overcrowded market place with way too many new companies coming online every week and a potential client base that is not growing at the same speed as the emergence of new product/service providers. This existing market dynamic is making the importance of a high Google ranking of even more importance to the survival of the business.

Our role as a partner to our clients is to achieve the best ranking in the SERP’s (search engine results pages) for their adult website, continuously fend off their competition who are also fighting tooth and nail for the few coveted positions on page one and ensure that our clients website becomes a cash cow for their business that yields above average returns on investment.


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Should I be concerned with my bounce rate?

A websites Google analytics account provides vital information concerning the visitors to the site. The bounce rate percentage tell us how many visitors were directed to the website from Google search results for specific keywords but, within 60 seconds of arriving on the web page they clicked the back button and returned to Google. If the bounce rate is high then this is sending a message to Google that the website should not have a high ranking for the keywords that are receiving the most bounces.
It’s very easy for an escort agency to be receiving an unacceptable bounce rate for keywords that are important to their business. On most occasions the cause of this problem is an on page content issue which is not difficult to address.


What is mod_rewrite and do I need it?

Mod rewrite is a coding module that enables web developers to create websites with functionality that allows the administrator to manually create search engine friendly urls for all or specific web pages. When implementing an SEO campaign the ability to create bespoke urls is a very useful tool, in many instances sites without this facility can be are very problematic to work with.


Does my website need new content every week?

Yes to increase the sites rankings in Google’s search results at least two new articles should be published every week. The content should be unique and naturally written without excessive usage of keywords in the body text or title.


Are escort directory banners on my home page bad for SEO?

Yes if you don’t add the “nofollow” tag to the html code that links to the directory this, tell Google not to pass link juice from your domain to the directory. Unfortunately some directories will remove a free listing account if you nofollow their banner. However if you are paying for a listing then you can do what you want!

"To many escort agencies wrongly think that a pretty website will earn them tons of business!"

Dave Upson, SEO consultant

"There are links and then there are links, get the wrong links and it’s lights out baby!"

Mandy Walker, Outreach expert

"Video footage captured during live sessions with cam girls is the best content for a web cam site’s marketing campaign"

Jenny Brooker, SEO strategist